For my twin brother

Dear Vilho,

You know me the best.
I know you the best.
Already together before we were born.
I just wanted you to know
How much you mean to me.
You have always been there for me.
You were there for my first words,
And I was there for yours.
You were there for my first steps,
And I was there for yours.
From all the people in the world
You mean the most.
Because of you
I never have to be alone.
Now that we are apart,
Part of me is missing.
Without you in my life, I’m not myself.
Without your comforting arms
That you wrap around me when I’m hurt,
Without being able to understand someone
Just by looking into their eyes.
That’s how it is
Between you and me.
Since we were little,
It was always both of us,
You and me,
And even after being apart for a year,
I know it will still
Be the same

With love, Your twin sister

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